User's Guide

PHYTTER DOCK Web version

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  1. Sign in from Top page.
  2. To upload data, click Upload button in your account page.
  3. Select upload target from upload pop-up and start uploading.
  4. To cancel the upload, click 'X' mark in upload pop-up.
  5. Once data is successfully uploaded, it is listed in your account page. If not, please click the Refresh button.
  6. You can see the current remaining amount of storage at the top left corner of your account page.
  7. You can also drag files from your machine's file explorer into the Upload dialog box for faster uploading.

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  1. Select file(s) to download from the data list on your account page. Once you select the file, it will be highlighted.
  2. Click the Download button and save the selected file(s) to the intended file on your computer.

New Folder
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  1. Select which parent folder you would like your new folder to belong to.
  2. Click the New Folder button and enter the folder name when the pop-up is displayed.
  3. Click Create button to complete the folder creation.

*Currently PHYTTER DOCK is not available for dragging and dropping of data to folders.

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  1. To delete files and folders, select the target data and click Delete button in your account page.
  2. A pop-up is displayed and asks you to confirm your action. Once you have confirmed your action, click OK button and delete is executed.

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  1. Select a folder you want to share.
  2. Click "Share" and fill out required values and click "Share and send URL".
  3. Once shared URL has sent to the recipient, the share is done.
  4. Once a folder is shared, a share icon is to be attached on the folder.

Purchase Gift (Gift code sender: HEC ID is required to purchase gift code)
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  1. Click "Gift" at the top menu. Click "PRO-2000".
  2. Enter each form.
    1. My Name: Please enter your name which can be recognizable to the recipient. An email with your name will be sent to the recipient.
    2. Gift User Name: This name will also be written in the email. Please enter the recipient's name that can be reconizabke to the person.
    3. Gift User Email: Enter email address of those who you will send a gift.
    4. Message: Please enter a message. Massage will be sent to gift recipient.
    5. Please check input data. If ok, press "Order Confirm"
  3. Once confirmation screen is displayed, please confirm the content and proceed to next step. Finally, PayPal screen is displayed. Please proceed purchase order. Once order completes, email with a gift code will be sent to the recipient.
  4. After purchase, you can check the gift's status from ""Account Settings"" > ""Gift List"". Typically either of below status will be displayed.
    • [Mail sent]: It indicates that your email has been sent yet the recipient has not yet used the gift code.
      *At this status, you can resend gift code again to other person. To send gift, click edit icon. Once a form is displayed, enter a new email address and content. You can use this option in the case where you cannot recieve a gift due to some reasons such as when you have already purchased ""PRO-2000"" plan or applied gift code.
    • [Gift received]: This status indicates that email has been sent to the recipient and he or she could use the gift successfully.

    If you see any other status besides above two, it may be considered that the gift code has not yet received correctly.
    If problem remains, please contact to support.

Apply Gift
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  1. An email with gift code will be sent. To apply gift, sign in to PHYTTER DOCK. If not yet registered, please go "Sign Up".
  2. Go to "Account Settings" > "Apply Gift". Enter gift code and click "Apply Gift".
  3. If "PRO-2000" plan is applied, allowed usage will be displayed as 2048-GB and process is done.
  4. * If a user has already been purchased "PRO-2000" or applied gift code, he or she cannot add more PRO-2000 plan.

On Windows and Mac verions (Install type app)

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  1. Download installer from PHYTTER DOCK site.
  2. Open downloaded data
  3. Start installation by following the direction of installer.

How to Use
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  1. Once installation is complete, new "PHYTTER DOCK" folder will be created. All data in this folder will automatically be synced with the cloud system.

PHYTTER DOCK Android version

Sign In
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  1. After installation, open PHYTTER DOCK app and sign in form will be displayed. Input ID and password to sign in.

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  1. Select file(s) to upload.
  2. Tap device’s Menu. Then tap Upload in the Menu.
  3. Tap file(s) to upload. After upload pop-up is displayed, confirm the content and click OK button to upload.

Download / Delete
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  1. From the data list in your account page, click and hold a file to delete it.
  2. Select either Delete or Download to execute each selection.

New Folder
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  1. Select which parent folder you would like your new folder to belong to.
  2. Tap device’s Menu button and select Create folder.
  3. Type in the folder name.
  4. Tap Create button in the pop-up and new folder is created.

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  1. To sort file order, tap "Sort"
  2. From "Settings" users can check account information, app version number and can send trouble shooting reports.
  3. To display the latest status, tap "Refresh".
  4. To sign out, tap "Sign Out"

On iPhone app

Sign in
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  1. After installation, start app and sign in form will be displayed. To sign in, input your ID and password.

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  1. Click "Upload"
  2. Select folder you want to upload and tap "Upload".
  3. Data will be uploaded

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  1. To Download, select the file and click the Download button on the bottom right.
  2. To Delete, click on a file or a folder and slide to the left. The Delete button will pop-up. To get rid of the file, click 'Delete'.

New Folder
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  1. Select which parent folder you would like your new folder to belong to.
  2. Tap right top button (...) and click "New Folder".
  3. Input folder name into form
  4. Type new folder name and click Create.

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  1. To display the recent status, tap "Refresh"
  2. To sign out, tap "Sign Out"
  3. From "Settings" users can check account information, app verion number and can send trouble report