On this web page you will find frequently asked questions. If you have any problems or questions, you may find your answer here before contacting us.

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Q.How do I upload files?
1. Start PHYTTER DOCK application and sign in.
2. Click "Upload" from menu.
3. Upload screen will be displayed. Click "Upload".
4. File select screen will be displayed. Select a file to which you want to upload a file and click "Open".
Q.Are there any forbidden characters for filename or foldername?
A.For PHYTTER DOCK, below characters are not available for filename or foldername.
Forbidden Chracters:/:?,*<>&%+#"|!~`$ ¥
Q.How do I download a file?
Please bear in mind that you cannot download more than 6 files at once. Also, you cannot download an entire folder.
1.Sign in to PHYTTER DOCK
2. Click a file you want to download.
3. Click Download from Menu.
Q.How do I create a folder?
A.1. Sign in to PHYTTER DOCK.
2. Click Create Folder from Menu.
3. Folder creation screen is displayed. Input folder name and click Create.
Q.How do I search file or folder?
A.1. Login to PHYTTER DOCK.
2. Input search word in search field which is displayed in file list.
Q.How do I delete file or folder?
A.Please bear in mind that you cannot delete more than 6 files at once.
1. Login to PHYTTER DOCK.
2. Click a file or folder you want to delete.
3. Click Delete from Menu.
4. Delete pop-up is displayed and click OK.
Q.How do I upload data? Upload button is not displayed.
A.Please check your PC or device and verify that Adobe Flash Player is installed. If Adobe Flash Player is not installed, Upload button will not be displayed.
Q.Why can't I download from Internet Explorer?
A.With Internet Explorer 8 and 9, you are not able to download a file if its name or the path name is too long. Please retry downloading by making file or file path name shorten.
Q.Are there any files I cannot upload?
A.No. PHYTTER DOCK does not restrict the types of files you can use. You can upload any type of data as long as the upload file size does not exceed 5GB.
Q.Can I upload a compressed file?
A.Yes. PHYTTER DOCK does not restrict file types and you can upload any type of data as long as the upload file size does not exceed 5GB.
Q.Can I restore a file once it has been deleted?
A.Unfortunately, we are not currently supporting file restoration.
Q.Can I change updated date to adjust to Japanese time?
A.PHYTTER DOCK applies Pacific Standard Time (PST). This cannot be changed to other times such as NST and JST.
Q.I cannot download a file and my computer displays a message,
  "Internet Explorer blocked downloading file to this computer due to security purpose."
  What should I do?
A.1. In your Internet Explorer, go to Menu -> Tools -> Internet options
2. In the "Security" tab, click "Custom Level"
3. Click "Automatic prompting for file downloads" of "Downloads"
4. Click "OK" twice"
Q.Can I add a parent folder directly above the Root folder?
A.No folder can be added above the Root folder.
Q.How can I change my user information?
A.To change your user information, login to PHYTTER DOCK and go to "My Account"
Q.When I download a file, the file seems like it is downloaded from a different server other than www.phytterdock.com.
A.Files are downloaded from s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com.
Q.What kind of files can I use for my thumbnails?
A.Thumbnail can be created if file type is either of below.
File types: .jpg .jpeg .png .bmp .gif
However, if the file meets below conditions, thumbnail will not be created.
*File size exceeds over 12.5MB.
*File dimension exceeds 8000 px (even one side).
Q.Thumbnail is not displayed.
A.Sometimes it may take time to display a thumbnail, even if the file type is correct. Please wait for a while and check again later.
Q.What is the upload traffic limit?
A.The upload traffic limit is set per person in order to control the overall traffic. This is to ensure each user can enjoy high quality service at all times. 1. Each user is given maximum traffic limit space per month. Current usage is indicated in the "Monthly Upload Traffice Limit" section under the "Preference" tab. 2. Once a user exceeds the traffic limit provided per month, they enter a usage restriction period where they cannot upload any files. However, they can still browse and dowload their data. At the beginning of each month, this usage restriction period is canceled and the traffic limit space is reset.
Q.What is Share?
A.Share is a service by which you can share you data with someone.
Q.How can I use share?
A.1. Select a file or folder which you want to share with someone.
2. Click the "Share" button.
3. If you want to set password or expiration date, please set these.
Input email address of someone who you want to share your data with.
5. If you want to add message, input your message. Finally, click "Share and send URL".
Q.Security on PHYTTER DOCK
A.To send data between client and server, PHYTTER DOCK uses SSL encryption (Encryption by using 256bit encryption, ie "Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)" ) to transfer data safely.
Transferred data is to be stored to Amazon's robust data center.
For detail of Amazon's security information, please go to Amazon's website.
We believe CloudSafe is already safe enough.
However, to ensure further safety, we recommend to use zip file with password to deal with important files.
Q.What is Gift Mail Feature?
A.Gift Mail Feature is a service by which you can present PHYTTER DOCK charged plan to your friends.
*As of now, gift plan purchase is available only for specific members.
*If the gift recipient apply to both of below conditions, he cannot use the gift.
-His account has already been applied to the same plan as the gift plan or higher plan than the gift plan.
-The recipient account has already been applied to the gift plan.
Q.How can I use gift code?
A.Input gift code into the filed of account settings.
Q.What will happen when PRO-2000 plan's service period expired?
A.If your allocated space exceeds 2TB, only download become available.
Download is available for 2 months. PHYTTER DOCK stores data for 6 months and will delete it later.
Q.Is there expiration date for free account?
A.As of now there is no expiration date for free account.
However, please be informed that our service plan may change in future.
Q.If an account has not been used for a long time, are files in the account deleted?
A.As of now we do not delete the files of the account.
However, please be informed that our service plan may change in future.
Q.I am using PRO-2000 plan. What will happened if I purchase PRO-2000 plan again?
A.After the second time, service expiration date will be extended.
Q.Is there any notification before service period of PRO-2000 expires?
A.We will send notification to the email address you registered.

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